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When would I use domain name forwarding?

To forward or not to Forward, What's the Difference?

Why wouldn't you use URL forwarding? There are several times you would choose to use domain name forwarding. A couple biggies are:

• If you are launching a new website but aren't quite ready, you can use URL forwarding services to keep traffic flowing before you divert it to the new site

• If you purchase a website and domain name for its traffic, you can use domain forwarding to ensure all that traffic comes to you

How should I choose my url forwarding services?

An Easy Choice: Pay Less!

Let I divert your attention to…somewhere else. URL forwarding services are offered by many registrars and web hosting companies. It's definitely a place where the consumer can find deals.

Look for URL forwarding as a part of your domain registration. If there is a nominal annual charge, a domain name forwarding service will be well worth it if you need to divert traffic to a different place.

With multiple domain names, is domain forwarding an option for me?

Many Names, Same Game

Wham, bam, thank you URL forwarding!
With domain forwarding, you can point multiple domain names to a single URL (this allows you to obtain many points of entry all resulting in the same destination). By using an option like this,, you can avoid the mess by conveniently diverting traffic to one, manageable area.

* If you have all the extensions of a given name, domain name forwarding can definitely help consolidate your traffic.

Where can I find free url forwarding?

How Much Does it Cost?

To get it free or not to get it free…that's a stupid question!
As with most services, you can find both pay and free URL forwarding as an option.

If you pay, you will want to sign-up via your domain name registrar's website for ease of use. The cost is negligible (usually less than $2.00 per month), but if you can get it handled for free...by all means do so!

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