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How can I add special prefixes to my domain name server?

Putting the Flair in Your

Special prefixes for websites are an excellent way to split your traffic up by category on your website, but you will need to make modifications to your domain name server.

To take advantage of this feature, you'll have to register the prefix (such as with your name server. Once your name server propagates the information to other name servers your new prefix will be accessible.

What is the difference between a primary and a secondary domain name server definition?

Primary to Secondary…I'm Down!

A name server is a machine that translates a domain name to an IP address and vice-versa. Usually, a domain name server will have a primary and secondary address it assigns out to clients. These IP addresses are the locations of the name servers, and traffic from the client web browser will attempt to resolve the domain name with the primary name server first. If that server does not respond, the secondary domain name server is tried and takes over.

What is a domain name server?

DNS? What's A DNS?

Don't know an IP or DNS from LMNOP? Don't be confused by acronyms. A DNS is a domain name server, which is a machine that serves as a directory that maps your domain name to the actual server and IP address of your website. Domain Name Servers are crucial to the operation of the Internet.

When you look for a web page from your browser, the request is routed through your ISP to a DNS lookup. That lookup produces the IP address of your website, and your destination is sent along to repeater servers until it is received & responded to by your website.

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