Domain Names Frequently Asked Questions

What are domain names?

How can I get my own domain name?

How much does domain name registration cost?

With a domain registration, how long do I keep my name?

Where can I register a domain name at?

How can I get a free domain name?

Why do I need my name server information when I register a domain?

What is involved to commence a domain transfer?

Why would I want to transfer a domain?

With domain name transfer, what is a reasonable amount to pay?

Where can I get free domain trasfer services?

Where can I learn how to transfer a domain name?

Is bulk domain registration for me?

What kind of discounts are there on bulk domain registrations?

Does bulk domain use require a minimum order?

Where can I get bulk domain name registration?

Who would buy multiple domain names?

Does domain privacy help reduce my spam?

What is domain name privacy?

What shows up for a domain lookup on a private site?

Will domain whois show me who owns a site?

How can I get a legitamate domain appraisal on my website?

Will domain name appraisal tell me how much I can sell my domain for?

Once I have a domain appraisal, how can I sell my website?

Are there free domain name appraisal services?

Is there an easy-to-use domain name appraisal software out there?

How does url forwarding work?

With multiple domain names, is domain forwarding an option for me?

When would I use domain name forwarding?

Where can I find free url forwarding?

How should I choose my url forwarding services?

With multiple domains, how can email forwarding help me?

Is there a fee for an email forwarding service?

If I don't have a website, what are my email hosting options?

Are there any business reasons to use email forwarding?

How does forwarding email work?

What is domain name parking?

Is there a free domain parking service I can use?

What types of domain parking services are available

Are there one-stop domain name services I can use to purchase, park and forward my email?

How can I see where my domain traffic is coming from?

What are some good domain traffic analyzer programs?

Are there free traffic analyzer services available?

What does the term recycled traffic mean with regard to domain traffic?

Will SEO help boost my domain traffic?

Why do I have to list three contacts when I manage domains?

How can I change contact information / manage domains I own?

Where can I find a single place to manage domain portfolio information?

Is it more difficult to manage corporate domain names?

How can I find expired domain names?

Is there a waiting period before I can buy an expired domain?

Where can I repurchase my expired domain name?

Can I get on a list to backorder domain names?

If a domain name availability is limited on the domain I want, what are my options?

When you sell your domain, what is a name broker?

I received a "sell your domain" offer. Is it for real?

How do companies that sell domain names make money?

Where can I find a list of domains for sale?

How much should I pay if I purchase domain names on the open market?

Are there markets where I can both buy and sell domain names?

What is domain escrow?

How does domain name escrow protect me?

When my domain is sold, who will contact my current domain registrar?

Is there a way to sell domain names in bulk?

What is traffic monetization with Google?

Can I gain traffic monetization off misspelled domain names?

Is there a way I can monetize parked domains?

What ways can I make money with domain names?

Why would I need to change domain name companies?

Do domain name changes affect traffic?

How can I change domain registraton contact information?

How would I change domain name ownership of my domain?

How long does my domain name last before I need a domain name renewal?

What is some good advice for domain name renewal?

What are some domain name scams I should watch out for?

When my domain expires, where can I perform a domain renewl?

Are there discounts available with domain renewal registration?

What steps do I need to take to renew a domain?

Will domain security prevent me from fraud?

Why is locking domain names important?

How can I protect domain names I own from someone stealing them?

What is a domain name server?

How can I add special prefixes to my domain name server?

Will I need to know how to set up a name server?

What is the difference between a primary and a secondary domain name server definition?

What information is displayed on a whois domain name lookup?

Where can I perform a domain name search?

Does domain lookup cost anything?

How can I find an available domain name?

Is there a domain name search engine that can tell me the best names available?

Can I use domain name lookup to see who is coming to my site?

Why would I purchase a domain name after market?

If I use a main domain name for my traffic, does it pay to have secondary domain names?

How can I make money through a domain name investment service?

Do domain name investment services work off standards?

Why would domain information come back as invalid or unavailable?

Where can I subscribe to a domain name newsletter?

Are there domain trends that indicate how many domain names are out there?

Where are some communities online that I can find domain news from?

How long from when I enter my domain name information will my registration be available online?

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