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Where can I get free domain trasfer services?

Getting Away With No Costs

Free domain transfer is usually done by a third party that wants to acquire your business. Look for specials at the domain name transfer service websites, often benefits will be similar to the following:

• You can consolidate your domain names and manage them more easily
• Your current domain expiration date is extended and you don't lose any time
• It's often without risk (only charged for the domain names that are renewed successfully)
• Often times you are offered other services as well

Where can I learn how to transfer a domain name?

Tutorials on Domain Transfer

Move what where?! Don't get confused about transferring your domain name—it doesn't have to be complicated and tricky. There are many informational resources available out there that can walk you through the process.

Look on the 'net for FAQ guides on how to transfer a domain name. FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions, will help guide you through the process of most any topic.

Why would I want to transfer a domain?

Moving Day for your Domain Name

There are many reasons people may want to transfer a domain, here are a few good ones to think about:

• If a registrant has most of their domains at one registrar and a few scattered around other registrars, consolidation may be the reason for transferring domains from one registrar to another

• If a domain is purchased on the private market, some companies require a change of registrar to complete change of ownership

• There may be better security and services at better prices at a particular registrar

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