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I received a "sell your domain" offer. Is it for real?

Sorting the Spam from the Green

Protect yourself! People may approach you looking to see if you would sell your domain name. Every day, people who own small businesses online are looking for a competitive edge, and most people are willing to sell a domain name that they have no plans on using.

*If and when someone asks to go over your books for an active website, make sure to get a non-disclosure agreement first.

How much should I pay if I purchase domain names on the open market?

Your Prices May Vary

If you are able to contact an individual to purchase domain names from, you can expect to pay a nominal fee (usually at least $50 for a domain). If you buy a domain name from a listing company, the premiums can be much higher…in some cases a minimum bid is 10x that amount.

*We recommend trying to contact the individual first by doing a whois domain lookup on their website.

How do companies that sell domain names make money?

Domain Brokers Explained

Sure it sounds good but make sure you know all of the details! There are companies on the Internet that sell domain names for people who are looking to unload unused or unwanted domains and websites. These companies will list your domain name on newsletters and their website in an attempt to complete a sale.

*If sold, the company will keep a percentage, so make sure you know all your fees up front.

When you sell your domain, what is a name broker?

Meet My Agent

When you sell your domain, you will find it may be tough to generate interest. With over 300,000 domain names up for sale each month, it's easy to get lost in the crowd. You may want to enlist the help of a domain name broker.

A domain name broker is an agent that handles the promotion and sale of your domain name. Since these brokers work off a commission basis, they will contact people in the same category as your domain name and try to sell your name.

*Considering this is their specialty, it's best to enlist a domain broker early in your process.

Where can I find a list of domains for sale?

Love For Sale, or at Least Domain Names

Domains for sale are everywhere online. If you do a Google search, you will find over four million results. Be careful when selecting a domain name. If you select a name that is commonly misspelled, you're traffic is likely to take a hit. Pick a name that is simple and memorable.

*When looking for a domain name, your best bet is to go with industry-recognized names first, and work your way down the chain.

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