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How can I change contact information / manage domains I own?

Self-Mangement of Domain Names

If you want to manage domains you own, you should check with the company with which you registered the domain name. Your registrar should have provided a login and password to a web interface, and most services can be managed from this tool.

*Since everyone's needs are different, be sure you are happy with your management tool.

Where can I find a single place to manage domain portfolio information?

Manage Whole Domain Portfolios

Generally speaking, if you want to consolidate and manage domain portfolio information, you will need to transfer all your domains under one domain registration company.

You are able to set up multiple accounts or buckets under each company to segregate URLs you own into batches for easier management (otherwise you will need to manage domains through each individual company through which you purchased them).

Why do I have to list three contacts when I manage domains?

Three Contacts, Three Sets of Data, Three Times The Time.

Cover your bases. There are four slots of domain name contact information that are required when you register or manage domains:

• Registrant
• Administrative
• Billing
• Technical

If you serve as all four, you can easily duplicate the data across all four contact sections from your domain control panel provided by your domain registrar or web host.

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