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Why would I purchase a domain name after market?

Don't You Like Success?

Be frugal, it pays! If you are looking for an exact domain name that already has traffic generated to its website, domain name after market may be the purchasing choice for you. With after market purchases, you can buy a domain name from either an individual owner or a third-party service that sells domain names.

While names such as "" may sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can usually find a good domain name more targeted (such as for under $250 by utilizing after market purchases.

Do domain name investment services work off standards?

Finding A REAL Domain Investment Service.

Beware of the leopard with no spots! Domain name investment services are not a regulated industry. However, it is easy to see who provides a solid domain assessment and who does not.

If a company judges your website on a non-uniform list of criteria, or they make guarantees of large sums of money, you can bet they are not a very reliable domain name service and you should steer clear.

*Look for companies that have a good resume of domains they have worked with in the past.

If I use a main domain name for my traffic, does it pay to have secondary domain names?

Funnel More Traffic With More Domain Names

Play it forward…and create traffic. There are many ways to generate domain traffic to your website, and secondary domain names can be a great way to begin a multi-pronged marketing attack.

Buying domain names that are easy to remember from a domain name after market service will get those memorable names. Then, using a URL forwarding service, you can route that domain name to your main website and enjoy the pop of traffic.

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