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How does domain name escrow protect me?

The Protection of a Third Party.

Everybody should be protected! Domain name escrow protects you whether you are a buyer or a seller. Domain escrow will have a domain name released to them by a seller, and will not pass that domain onto the buyer until payment is made. In short, it ensures that the transaction commences before notifying the domain registrar.

* Using a domain name escrow can protect all parties involved and make for a smooth transaction.

Is there a way to sell domain names in bulk?

Sell A Lot, Just One-By-One.

Pick ‘em off one by one, it's easier! Domain names will usually sell in a one-off situation. Packaging up domains together to sell them in bulk may dissuade a buyer who would rather have one domain for less instead of your whole selection. Also, over time, you will make more selling your domains individually.

If you want to sell a mass of domains, there are ways to bulk-list those domains with a “domains for sale” website (though, again, they would be purchased one-by-one).

When my domain is sold, who will contact my current domain registrar?

Your Domain Name, You Contact the Registrar.

Get commencing! In most cases, a domain transfer needs to be commenced by the owner. Even when it comes to a domain name escrow transaction, the domain seller will need to file paperwork with the domain registrar.

*Some domain escrow sites have an online form you can file that will handle initiating the transaction and filing with the registrar.

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