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Can I use domain name lookup to see who is coming to my site?

Reverse It with Reverse Domain Name Lookup

When a visitor comes to your website, their visit is logged with information that allows you to perform a reverse domain name lookup (your PC should be equipped with a small program called "ping" that is accessible from the dos prompt).

If you type in "ping", you'll find that it will return information including the IP. In the case of web logs, you will have the IP, and, by typing in "ping -a " (where IP ADDRESS is the actual numeric IP), you can reverse lookup the domain name of the provider that person came from.

Where can I perform a domain name search?

What's in a Name?

The long or short of it is that your domain name doesn't have to be short. A common misconception when deciding on an available domain name is that brevity is key. Guess what, that's not always the case. Did you know that your domain name can be up to 67 characters long?

The best domain name is one that people can easily commit to memory. So, if your company name is Dynamite Wacky Widgets and Goofy Gadgets, instead of opting to name the domain something obscure like why not go all out and name it The actual name is probably going to be a lot more memorable.

What information is displayed on a whois domain name lookup?

WhoIs That Looking Me Up Online?

Whois provides a domain name lookup directory listing of who owns a domain and whom to contact if necessary. If you use Whois domain lookup, you will find the date the domain was purchased, the expiration of the registration, the owner contact information both on and offline, and a phone number.

Don't be in the dark about who you're dealing with when information is so readily available.

Is there a domain name search engine that can tell me the best names available?

Just Like Everything Else, Use A Search Engine.

A cool trick to find available domain name choices is to use a domain name search engine.

*Places such as have daily updates of available domains that have been abandoned, available domain name ideas you may wish to purchase, and suggestions generated by their database (this is definitely a handy tool to help narrow the domain field).

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