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What is domain name parking?

Don't Leave it in the Middle of the Street…Park it!

Don't find yourself “broken down.” Domain name parking is a valuable service if you need to have a holding spot for a website or domain name that is not currently in use.

Without domain parking, your domain name will just produce an error until you complete a full website and build out at least a holding page of your own. In a cost and time comparison, it's worth it to just use domain parking services...especially if you can find a free service online.

What types of domain parking services are available

The Many Faces of Domain Parking

Whatcha want? Domain parking services come in two flavors: plain or template:

• Plain holding pages will usually list a contact email address and a coming soon banner

• Template domain name parking allows you to configure your holding page with graphics, text and pretty much any information you want to include

*Template holding pages are a good way to introduce customers to your services until you are ready to launch your site.

Are there one-stop domain name services I can use to purchase, park and forward my email?

Save Time with a Single Stop

Don't try to juggle, this isn't the circus—or it doesn't have to be, rather. For ease of use, it is recommended to find domain name services that consolidate your needs. If you choose one service to handle your domain parking and another to handle your email forwarding, you are doubling your level of work. Keeping track of a multitude of services, all being provided by different companies, is a lot of work that you don't need to take on.

*Most domain registrar parking services will offer a consolidated administration interface.

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