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How can I protect domain names I own from someone stealing them?

Put Your Domain In Lockdown

Protect domain names by locking them down. Locking domain names is, basically, using a 3rd party company to access your domain information. This 3rd party will send out email notifications on every change, and require strong passwords for access to your domain control panel.

*It may seem like a pain up front, but to avoid the possibility of losing your domain to fraud, it is definitely worth the time implementing domain security.

Why is locking domain names important?

Domain Locking and Fraud Prevention.

Locking domain names prevents changes from being made to your domain name contacts or website settings without you knowing first. In order to modify a domain, the person making the modifications has to have your login and password to the domain security company's website.

*If any changes occur to your account, you will be sent a notification via email. This can be quite beneficial and can prevent you from being surprised.

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