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Are there free domain name appraisal services?

Free, but usually a cost.

Just because it's free, doesn't mean it's the best choice! Free domain name appraisal services do exist. However, they often are one-stop quick automated scripts that do not accurately address the true value of your domains. Your domain appraisal will be free, but the agency may try to up-sell you on other products and services.

When you add up the time and cost it takes to handle all the aspects of domain appraisals, listings, and advertising of your domain name sale, it makes sense to approach one of the companies that actually specialize in this field.

Once I have a domain appraisal, how can I sell my website?

3rd Party or By-Owner Domain Sales

Don't get gipped! After you have completed your domain appraisals, there are several ways you can sell your domain names. Some great methods include:

• Individually approach businesses in the field your domain name applies to
• Place it on an auction
• Go to a company that specializes in selling domains

Keep in mind that the first step in knowing how much your domain name is worth. And, by getting a domain appraisal, you will receive an idea what your domain is worth to potential buyers.

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