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Why would I need to change domain name companies?

Don't Go Changing…OK…Go Ahead and Change.

Change is good! There are several reasons why you might want to change domain name companies. A few good reasons include:

• The service level you are receiving may require you to change domain registration companies
• You may find a better registration deal or want to take advantage of a multi-year office

Most people, incorrectly, believe they are tethered to the company with which they initially registered. Shop around for the best deals, and don't be afraid to change your registrar.

How can I change domain registraton contact information?

Updating Your Domain Registration Informations

Change is simple! As long as you have access to the current email registered, you can change domain registration rather easily.

Your domain registrar will have a form you can fill out to change administrative, business & technical contact information. Once you submit your changes, an email verification will be sent to the address on file. Approve that email as instructed in its text and your information should be updated within 48-72 hours.

Do domain name changes affect traffic?

Leave A Forwarding Address

Don't put up road blocks! If you choose to do a domain name change, you will need to place special pages up on your website to preserve the search engine traffic you acquired. These pages, called redirect pages, will let the search engines know that your page has permanently moved. If you don't put up these “detours” potential customers (and present customers) will not no where to find your site and you will lose business!

You preserve precious traffic in code with an http 301 redirect, or use meta tags to refresh immediately with a time of 0 (which the search engines will interpret as a permanent move of that page).

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