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How does forwarding email work?

How Email Forwarding Works.

Forward it? Where? When forwarding email, you are essentially bouncing a mail from one account to another. Email domain hosting services can take incoming mail from one domain and send it immediately to another account that is registered with that email forwarding service.

*You can usually manage multiple email addresses through a web interface available at the email domain hosting service you choose.

Are there any business reasons to use email forwarding?

Campaigns, Companies, and Categories, Why Use Email Forwarding

Email domain hosting can help run your ad campaigns. If you run an ad campaign, it's best to use a separate and trackable email address. You may wish to run all your campaigns through a single domain—rather than checking multiple emails, you can use email forwarding to send them all to your one email account.

Use your favorite email software to sort the incoming mail into a separate folder and voila! You've just cut your time spent checking email in half!

If I don't have a website, what are my email hosting options?

Don't Miss Out on Mail.

Don't miss out! Email hosting services can help ensure you start receiving email right away—whether your website is ready or not.

Email domain hosting will usually serve as an intermediary source to handle your domain email, and can either be checked directly or act as an email forwarding service.

With multiple domains, how can email forwarding help me?

Check it Once: Email Forwarding In-Use.

Imagine the headaches checking more than one email address could bring (or maybe you know already). Now, enter email forwarding. Forwarding email from multiple domain names to a single email account saves you time and helps you organize your messages.

*Also, by applying mailbox filters to your incoming mail, you can set up the ability, in Microsoft Outlook, to keep all of your mail separated in one box.

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