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What ways can I make money with domain names?

It's all about Passive Income

The easiest way to make money with domain names you might not be using is to team up with a company to promote domain name related pay-per-click services.

With PPC revenue, you can expect to make a small amount on each website (but it does add up). If you receive $4 per day for each domain name, and you have 100 parked domain names, you have just created $400 per day in passive income for websites that would have just been lying dormant. Think about that.

Is there a way I can monetize parked domains?

Make Money While You Park

It is actually very quick and easy to monetize parked domains, but don't expect grand riches. Some services will choose the genre that your domain name falls into and target their keyword-based search results to your site. In this type of traffic monetization, you show someone else's content and get paid on every click through.

*Unless you have a top-tier domain name you won't make tons—but don't let that stop you. It's better to make a little money than to have a dead domain that does nothing!

Can I gain traffic monetization off misspelled domain names?

Good Spelling Online? An Oxymoron

Don't bother minding your P's and Q's! Incredibly, 10% of all domain traffic is provided by misspelled domains and this can create a very lucrative traffic monetization plan. Buying popular web site domain names that are misspelled can yield a quick double of traffic (depending, ironically, on how accurately you misspell the name).

*Research search engine traffic reports to see common misspellings and how often they are typed.

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