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What is some good advice for domain name renewal?

Advice for Domain Name Renewal

Quit procrastinating! Don't wait until the last minute to renew a domain name. Your domain name is your identity, and you should protect it as you would any other asset you own. Renewing a couple of months in advance reduces the risk of losing an expired domain dramatically to near zero.

Consider protecting your domain further by renewing for a longer period of time. Renewing every year does nothing for you and, when you renew a domain for a longer period of time, you can save a lot...sometimes over 50%.

Are there discounts available with domain renewal registration?

Buy Now, Save Tomorrow

Domain renewal registration discounts come in all shapes and sizes. Most places, such as GoDaddy or Moniker, entice people to switch to their services by offering either a multi-year discount or free services when they renew a domain.

Your best bet is to check the major players and see what the deals are. They change often, so check back every couple of weeks to see if there's a better domain name renewal deal waiting for you.

When my domain expires, where can I perform a domain renewl?

While You're at it, Lock it up for a Few Years.

Domain renewal is very easy to handle. If you have access to your email on file, you can renew a domain anywhere you'd like. Renewing from an agency different from your current registrar will initiate a domain transfer to the new company.

Basically, you'll fill out a form, receive a verification email with some instructions, and your domain should be renewed within 3-10 days.

How long does my domain name last before I need a domain name renewal?

You're Good As Long As You're Paid.

Depending on how you registered, you may need domain name renewal sooner rather than later. When you registered or last renewed your domain name, you were presented the option for how many years you wanted to reserve your domain name. You can AND SHOULD do a domain whois lookup on your domain name and find out exactly when it expires. Don't let an expiration take you by surprise.

*Generally, people sign up from 1-3 years.

What are some domain name scams I should watch out for?

Crush the Con Artists.

If you own a domain name, you are a constant target of unscrupulous and malicious users around the world attempting domain name renewal scams. Some scams that are commonly attempted are:

• Fishing for your password by posing as your domain agency
• Attempts to purchase domain names without paying for them
• Domain name hijacking

Simply remember to trust, but verify, and you should be fine.

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