Who in the world with WhoIs!

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Will domain whois show me who owns a site?

Who in the world with WhoIs!

Domain whois is a mechanism by which people can trace back information about domain names. Most whois systems work by entering a domain name, and the database will look up the information regarding that domain. Information such as business name, registrant name, contact addresses and phone numbers are readily available with Whois. However, if people prefer to remain relatively anonymous, they can pay a fee to a domain name privacy company who acts as a 3rd party between the domain owner and the ICANN registration databases. In this case, only the domain privacy comapny's information is shown, not the website owner's.

The bad guys are out there searching for victims—don't let it be you! They are equipped with sophisticated spyware and robot software programs perfect for violating. They want the info. that you are legally required dish out when you register a domain name.



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